Roofing Services In Denver

Every house must have a roof. The structure protects and shelters the occupants as well as the siding, windows, doors, and walls of the home. A roof is functional as well as attractive, at least when in good condition.

Unfortunately, a roof doesn't last forever no matter how well built. Even a metal roof will need maintenance, repairs, and replacement at some point. If your roof is getting older and you need a Denver remodeling contractor for roofing services, contact Epic Remodeling & Restoration for an estimate.

We can take on large or small residential roofing projects in the Metro Denver area. We can also provide you with a roof inspection.

As a premier Denver roofing contractor with decades of industry experience, you can count on expert work. Our reputation in the community we live and work in is important to us. This is why we strive hard to give every customer the expert, high-quality service they deserve.

  • All residential roofing systems
  • Expert workmanship, experienced roofers
  • Roof restorations, repairs, replacements
  • High quality roofing products
  • Roofing in Denver since 1996

Professional Roof Repairs In Denver

As your roof ages, be sure to pay attention to its condition. If the weather is causing the asphalt shingles to show a network of hairline cracks, you need roof repairs. If a shingle is missing or loose, you need roof repairs.

A roof problem needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Leaving the roof damaged only makes the situation worse. The underlying materials are susceptible to moisture damages, so they must be protected by a waterproof roof structure.

Roof Restorations In Denver

Even a brand new roof can get damaged. Falling tree branches, hail, wind, lightning, falling telephone lines, and other disasters can suddenly create a mess of your roof. Unfortunately, accidents like this will happen in every city and they usually occur when least expected.

Roof restorations should start with a thorough inspection of the entire roof. This is important because simply fixing holes or replacing a shingle might not be all that is needed for the roof to be waterproof. For instance, shingles could be damaged by hail and then cause leaks. Flashing could be loose or missing in areas where it should be installed.

If you have found yourself in need of a roof restoration, call us. Our professional restoration company will help you get through the insurance claims process with the best possible results.

Using a quality roofing company and superior roofing materials means that you will be protected from all but the harshest of these conditions here in the Denver area. Did we mention we also work on garages?


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If you are looking for an exterior remodeling, restoration, or improvement contractor in Denver, please call Epic Remodeling & Restoration at 303-393-0895 or complete our service request form.

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