Windows For Your Denver Home

Window replacement is a common exterior remodeling project in Denver. Windows are the key area of the home that tend to waste energy. An HVAC system has to work harder if the windows are older because a huge percentage of the heat or cooled air escapes through them. If you have older windows, replacing them should make a big difference on your energy bill.

Reducing noise is another reason windows are replaced. Old, single pane windows do little to nothing to sound proof outdoor noise. This can be frustrating for a family if near a busy street or neighborhood.

New windows, of course, enhance the appeal of a home. Both practical and beautifying, today's window options also add value to the home. If you're ready to install new windows in Denver, call Epic Remodeling & Restoration. We can install or replace all types of windows.

Installing Replacement Windows In Denver

It may seem like a simple process to replace a window, but there really is a lot involved in the project. If not installed correctly, there could be permitting and inspection problems or problems with the function of the windows.

Our Denver exterior remodeling contractors are highly experienced at installing all kinds of windows, including any odd shaped or odd sized windows. We could, in fact, restore the entire structure of your home, so windows and pretty much any other service is no problem for our experts.

Options In Denver Windows

Since we live in Denver, the type of windows you choose matters because of the cold winter climate. Premium windows keep the treated air in better, which makes them a great investment. There are many high-efficiency windows to choose from today.

We can install anything from standard windows to low-e glass or smart glass electrochromic windows. There are windows made of vinyl, aluminum, wood, and composite materials. Some are easier to maintain and keep clean than others. And, there's a huge variety of construction methods that provide different benefits. Give us a call today to go over all these great options.

  • Easy to open windows
  • Easy to clean windows
  • Clearer view with solar blocking options
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Beautiful windows to enhance the home
  • Smart glass electrochromic windows
  • Remote Control Windows
  • Motorized Windows
  • Electric Windows


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If you want to replace or install Windows in Denver, please call Epic Remodeling & Restoration at 303-393-0895 or complete our service request form.

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