Northern New Mexico When Lightning Strikes Your Home

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Lightning strikes are a very common cause of property damage. Your Northern New Mexico home does not have have to be directly struck for significant damages to take place. If lightning strikes a tree or pole that stands outside your home, it can send an electrical surge through your dwelling’s wires and appliances.

Often times, the best way to protect your home is to obtain lightning protection system. These systems generally include lightning rods and fittings that ground your home in the event of a strike. The system provides a path for the lightning’s electrical current to flow to the ground.

These systems usually include: Rooftop air terminals; Down conductors; Two groundings, at least 10 feet deep; Roof projections such as weather vanes connected to the system; Surge arresters at electrical panels to protect appliances; and Transient voltage surge suppressors installed in receptacles where computers or other electronics are connected.

Filing for Damages after Lightning Strikes

To properly file a claim for property damages after a lightning strike in Northern New Mexico,  you should get in touch with your Northern New Mexico homeowners insurance provider right away. your professional Northern New Mexico restoration contractor can assist you.

The insurance provider should tell you what steps are required for properly filing a damage claim. You may also consider getting an independent estimate of your damages, or assistance with filing your claim The professional help of a Northern New Mexico homeowners insurance attorney can be useful in these situations.

If you have recently suffered lightning damage to your Northern New Mexico  home or business, you may want to file an insurance claim. Every year throughout the United States, lightning results in a lot of damage to Northern New Mexico homes and property.

Lightning is the cause of more property damage than both tornadoes and hurricanes together. Lightning can cause many hazardous situations including fires, electrical surges, damage to household appliances, and reduce entire structures ash.

If you have suffered losses due to a lightning strike, you may be able to receive compensation in a lightning damage claim.

What To Do After a Lightning Strike

Check your property for any fires or safety hazards. Then, call your homeowners insurance company to find out what your policy covers.

Call an electrician check your wires and appliances. Wall sockets, receptacles, and various outlets may have been affected.

Prepare the documents for your lightning damage claim. Collect receipts or statements which may demonstrate the value of your property. Procure proper documentation of the damages with photographs, and try to get an estimate of the values from an independent adjuster.

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