Great Basement Remodeling Ideas For Denver

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basement-remodeling-ideas-epicYou know that space in the basement where all your stuff eventually winds up? That dark and dusty basement can be remodeled to completely transform it into useful living space for your Denver family.

Basements are often used for storage, but you can make use of it in other ways without losing the storage space. All you need to do is incorporate a few built-in storage systems into the remodeling design.

Basement Game Rooms

Your basement is the perfect place for a game room. The remodeling plan will incorporate all the key standard features including flooring, ventilation, heating, painting, etc. but it can also incorporate some custom features.

The remodeling design is the right place to plan out your ideas. For a game room, many people include a bar area, entertainment center, space for lots of seating, or a large space for a pool table. Like everything else you would do to improve your home, good planning is the key to success.

Don’t forget to include some soundproofing for the basement makeover so people can have fun without worrying about getting too loud.

Remodeling The Basement For Holiday Guests

If you are always wondering where to put visiting family and friends during the holidays, the basement is the perfect solution. Wait! Don’t stick a bed down in that dark basement! You can remodel the basement into a guest sweet complete with bathroom and living room. You can even install a small kitchen so they can enjoy their own coffee and have a place to cook or heat up take out.

Rent The Basement For Extra Income

In this day and age, having a little extra income wouldn’t hurt anybody. The basement can be remodeled into a small apartment for rental income. During the basement remodeling, you can build walls for the bedroom and bathroom to make the space more like a home. You may also need an egress window for fire safety and door for a private entrance to the basement. Install some custom features that single people would like and you’ll be earning extra income in no time at all.

Remodeling the basement can come in many forms from complex remodels to a simple makeover. A lot will depend on the existing waterproofing, access to heating and cooling equipment, and what you want to use the space for. Work with an experienced remodeling contractor like us and all your best ideas can be realized.

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